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I am a criminal defense attorney working in the Dallas area. This blog is a place for me to post observations from my work and explain some of what I do. This would be too lengthy and inappropriate for my business website. I have a serious job but I try to find the humor in life where I can.  No offense is meant and names will be changed to protect privacy.

In law school they taught me principles  and concepts. It was about 3 years of esoteric philosophic discussions. So, when I was fresh out of law school I went through through a sort of culture shock.  Thinking like a lawyer and actually practicing law are vastly different.  Those bastards never taught  how to file a motion or fill out plea paperwork!  I lucked out and spent my first 9 months as a licensed attorney assisting an established criminal defense attorney. It was a lot of asking questions and relying on the pity of kind clerks. This is how I learned how to navigate the Dallas County Criminal Courts.

My practice is now, and will forever be, a work in progress. The law is vast and ever-changing. I learn new things everyday. I take classes, I study, I talk to other attorneys.  It keeps the job interesting. Sometimes I may get something wrong. Please comment and correct me if I do.

In no way should this ever be taken as legal advice. I only represent someone if there is a signed agreement  or court order that I am doing so.

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