Clear Your Record

One of the best things you can do for yourself is clear your criminal history off of your record. There are three ways that can be done, depending on what you qualify for. The paperwork can be complicated and you generally only get one chance to file it. To clear your record quickly and painlessly, call our offices today.

1. Expunction

An expunction erases a charge on your criminal record. If you receive one you can claim the incident never happened. Expunctions are granted under Chapter 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. You are entitled to an expunction if:

–       you were acquitted,
–       you were convicted and received a pardon, or
–       the case was never prosecuted or has been dismissed (a waiting period may apply).

If your case is expunged it can never be used against you again.

2. Non-Disclosure

An order for non-disclosure can be granted, in most cases, after completion of deferred adjudication probation (waiting periods apply in some cases). This is governed by Section 411.081 of the Texas Government Code. This order prevents your record from being found by most civilian inquiries, i.e. apartment and job searches. The government can still find and use these records.

3. Sealing of Juvenile Records

There are many cases where a juvenile record can be sealed under Section 58 of the Texas Family Code. When a juvenile record is sealed all of the agencies holding records pertaining to the crime must turn them over to the District Clerk. These records cannot be opened again unless a Judges orders it in rare circumstance. Once sealed, you do not have to disclose the case in any circumstance.

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