You’re not funny. You’re accused of a crime.

I often talk to my clients about how to dress for and behave in court. People look at me funny. I don’t usually deal with juveniles, so why am I talking to clients like they are kids. Well, it’s just another part of my job. I help people get through the criminal process with as little damage as possible. There is no need to add to your problems by insulting the court. I started adding these little speeches after I met a client for court and he was wearing a shirt that read “Tap That” followed by a picture of a donkey. Needless to say, he spoke to the Judge with his shirt on inside out.

Court is a serious thing and must be treated with respect. You may not agree with the charges but it is your life on the line. In the end the person in the robe can put you in jail and jail sucks.

Recently there have been some news stories about courtroom antics. They make us laugh but it should be taken as cautionary tales.

There is Chad Johnson’s butt pat.
Now we lawyers really like when clients appreciate us. It does not happen a lot. You need to wait until you are out of court. You can show your love by paying your bill on time.

And this Charming Girl.
I joke that my clients may have the right to remain silent they just lack the ability. Court is not the place to be cute or funny. Answer the questions asked as briefly as possible.

So in short, be on your best behavior. As a lawyer you may feel foolish telling this to a client but better safe than sorry. I will have to address lawyer antics in another post. It’s not just clients that run afoul of Judges.

Update —
I guess 7 days were enough time for Mr. Johnson to reconsider his attitude. Sometimes we all need a little time out but this is extreme.

Johnson released


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